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Kitchen Disco online party

Playing music with friends over video chat apps is not the best experience, with low audio quality, music cutting out when chatting, and Facebook often mutes broadcasts. We know - we tried many times!

So if you have a birthday coming up, organise a lockdown party any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night from 6.30pm to late - and get all your friends to stream Boogie Down Bristol's Lockdown Kitchen Disco sessions to their speakers, while you chat separately on your favourite video chat app.
We play the funkiest party grooves in the South West!

How can I stream the music to my speakers?


Everyone will need their personal smartphone for video chat, so all your friends will need a separate internet enabled device - this can be an old smartphone, laptop, iPod, smart TV, etc. On that separate device visit

You will need to connect the device to your audio system so the music will play through speakers. This can be done with a standard audio-out jack lead, or bluetooth if your speakers support bluetooth.

Tip: use your headphones for video chat & don't stand too close to music speakers.

Note: lockdown radio only works online, not on normal FM-type radios!

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